Holly (HCPorter-PicturePages)

Thanks for taking the time to come and see some of my work. As a professional- I am a professional writer who specializes in Search Engine Optimization Content as well as Social Media Marketing Development and Management. Online, I am more commonly known as H.C Porter, rather than Holly Chaffin- Porter. I have an extensive background in photography (13 years to be exact), and love everything to do with taking and editing photographs.

I live on the outskirts of San Antonio Texas, which is known as the Texas Hill Country.

I have so many things I want to apply to a position. I love photography and I love taking pictures, I love exploring new possibilities and developing my techniques. In a photograph you capture the soul of your subjects. I find my peace while holding onto a camera. All those little moments, the ones that make us laugh, make us cry, bring us to our feet, or take us to our knees-are so elegantly frozen in time the moment that you hear your shutter open and then close. I give 110% in all that I do-I have an abundance of energy, am well organized, and love to gain new experiences, as well as meet new people.

Just like the rest of the world’s population-I live life. I experience pain-and happiness. I have felt embarrassed and ashamed, as well as proud and unmatchable. I have had joyous experiences and survived through traumatic situations. I have been up, down, and back again. I regret things I have said, and what I didn't say. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and self. I believe if you can’t learn to laugh-you might as well not even get out of bed in the morning. The world has enough negativity; I surely don't want to add to it. When it comes to being articulate-I have my moments.

Every new day is the birth of new opportunity and the beginning of something great. Although life is not exactly easy, it is what it is and being unhappy is just wasted time. I am a constant work in progress (perfectly flawed) I don’t like to see people hurting and wish that I had the means to help all the ones that I love and cherish. I try to be a good friend and never do anything for anyone and expect to get something in return.

I think that most people are good and have great things to offer to this world, I also believe, that it takes so little effort to give someone a smile, compliment or offer your help to someone in need, but to someone receiving the smile-compliment or helping hand, it can mean the world. I don’t give up on things easily-and never give half hearted attempts to accomplish my goals and responsibilities. I want to always know that if I ever fail--I have given it my all-and perhaps that I was meant for something else.

I make sure I am giving who I am to what I am doing-So if nothing else-I hope people notice that about me as a person...

The best way for someone who likes my work to contact me is via email- hollyporter@ymail.com , please be sure to put SAW YOU ON SMUGMUG in the subject line-I would hate to delete a message, because I thought it was spam. Thanks again for looking at my work-please feel free to comment on any photos you like or dislike, feedback is always appreciated.
H.C Porter
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